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Story of a failure.

The anoles are the most often seen type of small reptiles throughout Central America, encompassing numerous species. Males are famous for displaying at will a big and showy bag of skin or dewlap that extends from their lower jaw to chest.
I saw countless male anoles displaying their dewlap throughout my journey through Costa Rica, and on numerous occasions I tried to photograph them with their dewlap extended. I was just to take the camera and the anole to hide the dewlap. Furthermore, they stayed quiet and calm looking at me as if they were mocking me. My theory is that they think a photographer is not manly enough to constitute a possible competition for mating female anoles (that is the reason for their striking dewlap exhibition).

Here is a photo of the repeated failure.

Dactyloidae sp. sp.Reptiliaanimalanimalsanolereptilreptilevertebradovertebratavertebrate