Birds - Vaiwaion

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The cranes are coming (5) Every fall, in early November, occurs one of the most famous spectacles of Nature in Spain. In Gallocanta Lake, northeast of the peninsula, thousands of common cranes (Grus grus) coming from northern Europe, saturate in this great salt lake as a pause in their long and hard journey to their wintering sites in Extremadura and north Africa. Myriads of them remain there for many weeks, drawing to feed and recuperate before continuing their migration. This phenomenon year after year has become a very popular event among bird lovers all around the world, travelling to Gallocanta each fall to celebrate the arrival of the cranes. The show is a visual and sonorous one, as the views of thousands of flying cranes are accompanied by their constant and endless screams all day long, making the viewer feel to be contemplating one of the wildest scenes of Nature, with little to envy other places in exotic locations.

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