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Welcome to Vaiwaion Photography. I am Jesús R. Campos. Nature lover during my whole life, it was later that I joined together that passion with photography, in which I try to capture a personal style, looking for a strong aesthetic sense, calm, tranquility, relaxation. Well, those are the feelings that inspire on me my experiences with nature, which you loves more the more you know. And that is why as a nature photographer, with my work I try above all to transmit and signify the natural, environmental and conservational values related to our planet Earth, because I firmly believe that to know nature is to appreciate and love it, which leads to be involved in conservation. I do landscapes, fauna, flora, etc. I enjoy all of these categories in multiple ways, and of course with those unique photos that do not fit (nor should fit) in any category. But my greatest passion is wildlife photography, in which I look for a certain personal style, seeking simplicity and elegance when it comes to show to the world the wild animals that have captivated me in my travels and experiences with nature.

I live in the Madrid area (Spain) and I travel a lot. I have also included a section on Vaiwaion Photography devoted to photographs that are not exactly what we would call nature photography, but travel photography. Locally, I am an active volunteer in several conservation organizations, such as SEO (BirdLife International - Spain) and WWF (local group of Madrid), devoting almost all my efforts to the preservation of my immediate surroundings, the Southeast Regional Park of Madrid . I received honorable mentions and awards in various local photographic competitions and published in some media near my area, as well as participated in collective photo exhibitions. Also, I have been invited to participate as speaker at some photo conferences. I am member of FONAMAD (Association of Nature Photographers of Madrid). And I have the honor of being admitted to Art for Conservation, a Fine Print’s partnership with artists, conservation photographers and organizations who are working to protect and preserve the natural world. You can visit my gallery on AFC and an article about my work here: Jesús R. Campos at Art for Conservation Art for Conservation - Nurtured by Fine Print Imaging.

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as me making them. Most are available for sale from this website through the platform of my partner, Smugmug, either as hard copies (multiple supports and formats available) or as licensed images for commercial or personal use. Or contact me directly by email or filling in this contact form for a more personalized deal or query of any kind. I read every message received and gladly I will attend it promptly. I also appreciate any comments you leave on this web site about any photo. Vaiwaion Photography site is currently under construction, and I am working hard to get it ready so I call for patience until I finish the final design and upload the vast majority of photos I have pending publication. Later, I will upload new pictures regularly, which you will can see in the 'Fav / Recent.' section.

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You can contact me by email or using this contact form.

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