This series of photographs were taken very early in the morning, in Maasai Mara, with a magnificent light, when silence and solitude rules, no tourists at that time. There was the herd of lions, and it was a pleasure to watch how the puppies played, under the watchful eye of adult females. Two large males accompanied them. Occasionally, females came to pick up the pups so they would not leave the area, so immersed in their games they were. The cubs played one with each other, rolling around, playing even with "toys" (some bones), they were preparing themselves for adulthood, as these games will help them in learning how to hunt. What I observed in both young and adult lions was a very "familiar" behavior, very "human", and I realized how much we seem us, homo sapiens, to these other mammals. The dim morning side light made these lions and their fur and manes shine with their more intense colors, in harmony with the tones of the savannah. Best of all was the silence and loneliness that accompanied this experience, when you feel like a privileged spectator at the forefront of this event of nature. (1/22)
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