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Fer-de-lance. The fer-de-lance (Bothrops asper) is the most dangerous of all poisonous snakes in Central America. They are very aggressive, and in addition they usually hide in the forest floor among decaying leaves, so many bites to humans occur because one of these snakes is accidentally stepped on. Also, they tend to penetrate into houses, where they sometimes find their favorite preys, such as rats or lizards. Although the rate of human mortality caused by fer-de-lance has practically reduced to 0%, its bite requires immediate hospitalization. The specimen of this photograph, found in the dark jungle of Corcovado, in Costa Rica, is even more dangerous, as it is a very young specimen. Young snakes have not yet learned to dispense the precise amount of venom enough to neutralize their victims, so their bite usually inject into the victim all the venom available at that time in their glands.

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